:) Welcome to 7th Grade Math (:


Parents and Students,


I want to welcome each one of you to a new school year and briefly describe what will take place in the 7th Grade Math Classroom this year.


Students will need at least a 2-inch 3 ring binder, paper, and pencils. These items, especially PAPER, will need to be refilled throughout the year. Calculators, graph paper, crayons, and rulers will be provided for use in the classroom.


All 7th Grade Math lessons are based on the TN Academic Standards. Lessons will cover many aspects of math, this year students will learn about, work with, and solve:


            - Expressions, Sequences, Square Roots

            - Integers (positive/negative numbers)

            - Rational Numbers - Numbers on a number line, Fractions

            - Equations and Inequalities

            - Proportions

            - Percents

            - Probability

            - Statistical Displays - Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode)

            - Geometry - Area, Volume, Surface Area, Circumference, and Angle Measure


Students will be working DAILY toward achieving the TN Academic Standards, which at times this year this will include homework. I urge you to ask them what they are learning in Math class, as well as, in their other classes. At times during the school year, video recording may take place in the Math classroom.


            Please remember that it is very important for all students to be at school on time each day, and stay for the entire day. Though students will be permitted to make up missed work and assignments, they will be missing important information and instruction during the lesson.



Hope Everyone has a Great Year!!


Mrs. Rebekah